【Distinguished Lecture Series】Wed. Jun. 14th , 10:10 am, Prof. Edward Y. Chang, Generative AI for Developing a Comprehensive Long-Term Healthcare Agent

  • 2023-05-12
  • Yu-Ching Huang
111-2【傑出講座系列】Distinguished Lecture Series
*Date/ Time:Wed. Jun. 14th , 10:10 am
*Speaker:Prof. Edward Y. Chang
Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University
*Topic:Generative AI for Developing a Comprehensive Long-Term Healthcare Agent

The recent success of foundation models has made the development of AI-driven healthcare agents (or robots) both feasible and increasingly necessary. With the growing aging population and a shortage of qualified caregivers, leveraging AI agents to alleviate the workload in senior care is essential. In this talk, I will outline an end-to-end architecture for such an agent, capable of medical record comprehension, vital sign collection, symptom evaluation, laboratory test recommendations, risk assessment, medication monitoring, and healthcare education. Additionally, my team has been exploring consciousness modeling, enabling us to create an AI agent that provides not only physical care but also emotional support. I may introduce the Noora prototype as an example of how caring—encompassing attentiveness, empathy, and humor—can be integrated into a generative AI model. With generative AI, the sky is not the limit! (This project is actively seeking serious collaborations.)

1. A116哈佛講堂
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Organizers:Organizers: Office of Secretariat、Higher Education Sprout Project
Co-Organizers:China Asia Associated University、Asia University Student Association
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