Fang-ying Riva Lo
Name Fang-ying Riva Lo
Office Tel No. 1055
Job Description

1. Manage and supervise arrangements and meeting minutes of University Assemblies, University Development Committee Meetings, Administrative Council Meetings, and Executive Meetings.
2. Supervise revisions of school rules and regulations.
3. Supervise announcement of the academic calendar.
4. Arrange the President’s overseas itineraries and international conferences.
5. Edit English school brochure.

Year Paper Title
2024 Chen-Chung Liu、Chen Wei Chiu、Chia-Hui Chang、羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo)*, Analysis of a chatbot as a dialogic reading facilitator: its influence on learning interest and learner interactions, ETR&D-EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, 2024
2024 Chen-Chung Liu、Wan-Jun Chen、羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo)*、Chia-Hui Chang、Hung-Ming Lin, Teachable Q&A agent: The effect of chatbot training by students on reading interest and engagement, JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL COMPUTING RESEARCH, 2024
2024 羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo)、蘇建元(Chien-Yuan Su)、陳政煥(Cheng-Huan Chen)*, Identifying factor associations emerging from an academic Metaverse event for scholars in a post-pandemic world: Social presence and technology self-efficacy in Gather.Town., Cyberpsychology Behavior and Social Networking, vol.27 no.1 pp.19-27, 2024
2021 羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo)、陳政煥(Cheng-Huan Chen)*, COVID-19疫情下同步與非同步資訊科技輔助的大學遠距英語文教學, 當代教育研究/Contemporary Educational Research Quarterly, vol.29 no.1 pp.69-114, 2021
2020 歐陽芳泉(Fang-Chuan Ou Yang)、羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo)、陳謝鈞(Jun Chen Hsieh)、吳文琪(Wen Chi Wu)*, Facilitating communicative ability of EFL learners via high immersion virtual reality, EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY & SOCIETY, vol.23 no.1 pp.30-49, 2020
Date of Publication Paper Title
2023.07 Hsieh-Jun Chen、羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo), Gather.Town for pre, service teachers of English as a Foreign Language: Learning outcomes and virtual presence - The 23rd IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, Jul. 2023, Utah Valley University, USA
2023.07 羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo), 以生成式AI 結合美感提升英語文敘事素養 , 2023中亞聯大教學實踐研究與創新線上研討會, Jul. 2023, 線上研討會
2023.06 Yi-Chien Wu、Hsieh-Jun Chen、羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo), Using GatherTown to enhance online collaborative learning for ESP learning , Pedagogy and Practice in Technology- Enhanced Language Learning (PPTELL 2023), Jun. 2023, NKUHT, Taiwan
2023.06 Venny Gunawan、Wen Chi Vivian Wu、羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo), Exploring the Impact of Virtual Reality Experience on EFL University Students Intercultural Awareness and Listening Comprehension , Pedagogy and Practice in Technology- Enhanced Language Learning (PPTELL 2023), Jun. 2023, NKUHT, Taiwan
2023.03 羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo)、陳謝鈞, Enhancing English learning outcomes via immersive technologies integrated with aesthetic education , The 18th Taiwan E-learning Forum (TWELF 2023), Mar. 2023, 臺灣
2022.06 陳啟雄(Chi-Hsiung Chen)、羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo)、陳謝鈞(Jun Chen Hsieh), A Study of Self, efficacy and Learning Attitudes among College Students in Taiwan toward English-Medium Instruction - 2022 International Online Conference on Bilingual Education: Teaching Practices and Challenges, Jun. 2022, Asia University, Taiwan
2022.03 陳謝鈞(Jun Chen Hsieh)、羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo), Digital Story Creation Using Book Creator in EFL Contexts: Emotional Experience between High and Low Achievers , The 17th Taiwan E-learning Forum (TWELF2022), Mar. 2022, 國立台東大學
2021.09 羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo), 國道6號的美麗與美力: 跨域教師社群成長 , 議題導向跨領域敘事力培育計畫成果聯展, Sep. 2021, 線上成果聯展
2021.06 吳文琪(Wen Chi Wu)、羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo)、Michael W. Marek, Outdoor exposure with VR: Effect of Google Expedition VR creation on the development of EFL learners’ language learning and core competence , The 4th Pedagogy and Practice in Technology Enhanced Language Learning (PPTELL 2021) Conference, Jun. 2021, Taipei, Taiwan
2021.04 陳謝鈞(Jun Chen Hsieh)、羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo), Technology, enhanced language learning on digital storytelling performance and emotions among EFL learners: Robot-assisted versus PowerPoint-assisted mode - International Conference on Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching, Apr. 2021, NTUST, Taiwan
2021.03 羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo)、陳謝鈞(Jun Chen Hsieh)、吳文琪(Wen Chi Wu), Enhancing Awareness of English as Lingua Franca via Local Culture Supported by Virtual Reality , The 16th Taiwan E-learning Forum (TWELF2021), Mar. 2021, NIU, Taiwan
2020.11 羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo)、Peter Ardhianto、陳啟雄(Chi-Hsiung Chen), Exploring Perceptions of EFL Learners Toward Blending Aesthetic Experience Pedagogical Design , 2nd International Conference on Interdisciplinary Arts and Humanities (ICONARTIES) 2020, Nov. 2020, Yogyakarta, Indonesia/ Virtual
2020.05 林孟煒(Mavise Lin)、羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo), Critical Intercultural Competence Curriculum Design with an Online Extensive Reading Platform and Reflective E, portfolio - Conference on Innovative Technology and Learning, May. 2020, TKU, Taiwan
2020.03 羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo)、吳文琪(Wen Chi Wu)、林孟煒(Mavise Lin), Pedagogy and Learning Based on Educational Big Data from eBooks Learning in General English Courses , The 15th Taiwan E-learning Forum (TWELF2020), Mar. 2020, NCTU, Taiwan
2019.12 羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo)、吳文琪(Wen Chi Wu)、陳政煥(Cheng-Huan Chen)、陳謝鈞, Enhancing EFL College Students’ Language Performance via eBook Supported Learning , The 27th International Conference on Computers in Education, Dec. 2019, Taiwan
2019.03 羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo)、林孟煒(Mavise Lin)、黃鈺晴, Data, driven Insights on Enhancing Students’ Language Output through eBook- based Learning - Workshop on Reading Behavior Analytics and Evidence-Based Education and Learning Analytics (EBELA-Asia-2019), Mar. 2019, Kyoto University, Japan
2016.11 陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI)、羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo)、王婉甄, 涉外人才培育課程模組規劃之研究 , 地方治理研究成果發表會, Nov. 2016, 行政院人事行政總處地方行政研習中心
2016.09 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen)、羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo), Language MOOCs at CDLTR, Asia University , Networked Language Learning and Teaching Colloquium, Sep. 2016, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
2014.03 Margaret van Naerssen、羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo)、陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen), Faculty Voices on Teaching through English as a Foreign Language , TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo, Mar. 2014, Portland, USA
2013.11 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen)、羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo), Faculty Voices on Using English as a Medium of Instruction in an EFL Setting , International Conference on English for Specific Purposes, Nov. 2013, Asia University, Taiwan
2005.10 羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo), Integrating Cultural, Awareness Activities into Language Courses - Three Rivers TESOL Conference, Oct. 2005, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Project Title Participator Period
以元宇宙參與式文化促進跨域美感的英語文思辨及表述 (PGE1122538) 羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo) 2023.08 ~ 2024.07
英語文敘事x美感經驗x元宇宙:跨域、科技輔助英語文學習 (PGE1110296) 羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo) 2022.08 ~ 2023.07
運用虛擬實境結合美感教育提升英語文學習成效 (PGE1101088) 羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo)、陳謝鈞(Jun Chen Hsieh) 2021.08 ~ 2022.07
國道6號的美麗與哀愁──人文X自然X科技的思辨之旅 (20200619184654) 黃淑貞(Shu-chen Huang)、張筱筠(Hsiao-Chuan Chang)、羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo)、陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、葉榮輝(RONG-HWEI YEH) 2019.02 ~ 2022.07
上銀科技股份有限公司-員工英語口語溝通培訓課程計畫 (20150901) 陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI)、羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo) 2015.09 ~ 2016.01
多元文化語境之英文學習革新課程計畫 (20191007174240) 蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI)、陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI)、羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo)、毛元臻(Yuen-Jean Mao)、林孟煒(Mavise Lin) 2015.08 ~ 2019.01
行政院人事行政總處地方行政研習中心- 外籍教師工作承攬 (20150101) 陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI)、羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo) 2015.01 ~ 2016.12
交通部觀光局參山國家風景區管理處- 「優質英語文環境提升計畫」 (20140520) 羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo)、歐陽丹(Daniel Willcocks) 2014.05 ~ 2014.11
102年度地方機關公務人員短期密集英語訓練班 (20191007170401) 陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI)、羅方吟(Fang-ying Riva Lo)、林孟煒(Mavise Lin) 2013.03 ~ 2013.08
Award Name Awarding Unit
教育部111年度教學實踐研究績優計畫 教育部
亞洲大學111學年度教學傑出獎 本校
教育部110年度教學實踐研究績優計畫 教育部
Pedagogy and Practice in Technology Enhanced Language Learning Conference- The Best Poster Presentation Award PPTELL Association
第16屆台灣數位學習發展研討會—最佳論文獎 台灣數位學習與內容學會
亞洲大學109學年度教學優良獎 本校
108學年度教具製作競賽(實體教具組)- 傑出獎 本校
亞洲大學107學年度教學優良獎 本校
「2015學習科技金質獎」- 「國際移動力培養計畫」英語文磨課師課程 中華民國數位學習學會