Wen-Ling Chan
Name Wen-Ling Chan
Office Tel No. 1077
Job Description

1. Management and arrangement of Ministry of Education the official document system.
2. Planning, modifying and formulating the paperwork's standard processes.
3. Supervision, in overall charge of the business.
4. Approval of application form.
5. Checking and sealing issued documents.
6. Annually reviewing, upgrading regulations.
7. Planning, modifying and developing operating standards processes.
8. Training arrangement.
9. Sort, compile, number, official documents retention period.
10. Documentation Section's property keeping.

Year Paper Title
2023 Long-Bin Jeng、Tsai-Chung Li、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、Chiao-Fang Teng(Chiao-Fang Teng)*, Combination of Hepatitis B Virus Pre-S2 Gene Deletion Mutation and Tumor-Node-Metastasis Stage Predicts Higher Hepatocellular Carcinoma Recurrence after Curative Surgical Resection, Biomedicines, vol.11 no.3 pp.923-, 2023
2021 Yueh-Te Lin、Long-Bin Jeng、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、Ih-Jen Su、Chiao-Fang Teng, Hepatitis B Virus Pre-S Gene Deletions and Pre-S Deleted Proteins: Clinical and Molecular Implications in Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Viruses-Basel, vol.13 pp.862-, 2021
2020 Tsung-Lin Lee、 Shyang-Guang Wang、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、 Ching-Hsiao Lee、 Tian-Shung Wu、Meng-Liang Lin、 Shih-Shun Chen( Shih-Shun Chen)*, Impairment of Membrane Lipid Homeostasis by Bichalcone Analog TSWU-BR4 Attenuates Function of GRP78 in Regulation of the Oxidative Balance and Invasion of Cancer Cells, Cells, vol.9 pp.371-, 2020
2020 Chien-Wei Wu、Shyang-Guang Wang、Ching-Hsiao Lee、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、Meng-Liang Lin、Shih-Shun Chen(Shih-Shun Chen)*, Enforced C-Src Activation Causes Compartmental Dysregulation of PI3K and PTEN Molecules in Lipid Rafts of Tongue Squamous Carcinoma Cells by Attenuating Rac1-Akt-GLUT-1-Mediated Sphingolipid Synthesis, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, vol.21 pp.5812-, 2020
2020 Chiao-Fang Teng(Chiao-Fang Teng)*、Tsai-Chung Li、Hsi-Yuan Huang、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、HanChieh Wu、Woei-Cherng Shyu、Ih-Jen Su1、Long-Bin JengI, Hepatitis B virus pre-S2 deletion (nucleotide 1 to 54) in plasma predicts recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma after curative surgical resection, PLoS One, vol.15 no.11 pp.e0242748-, 2020
2019 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)*、徐珮甄(Pei-Zhen Xu)、Hsi-Yuan Huang、Jan-Gowth Chang、蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI), A pan-cancer analysis of gene expressions mutations and methylations in telomere related genes, BASIC & CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY, vol.125 pp.25-, 2019
2019 I-Lu Lai、Ya-Sian Chang、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、Ya-Ting Lee、Ju-Chen Yen、Chin-An Yang、Shih-Ya Hung、Jan-Gowth Chang, Male-Specific Long Noncoding RNA TTTY15 Inhibits Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Proliferation and Metastasis via TBX4, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, vol.20 pp.3473-3489, 2019
2018 CHUN?CHI CHANG、TING?YUAN LIU、YA?TING LEE、YU?CHIA CHEN、KUN?TU YEH、CHIEN?CHIN LEE、YA?LING CHEN、PEI?CHIN LIN、YA?SIAN CHANG、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、TA?CHIH LIU、JAN?GOWTH CHANG, Genome-wide analysis of lncRNAs in 3'-untranslated regions: CR933609 acts as a decoy to protect the INO80D gene, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY, vol.53 no.1 pp.417-433, 2018
2017 I-Lu Lai、Chin-An Yang、Pei-Chin Lin、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、Ya-Ting Lee、JuChen Yen、Ya-Sian Chang、Jan-Gowth Chang(Jan-Gowth Chang)*, Long noncoding RNA MIAT promotes non-small cell lung cancer proliferation and metastasis through MMP9 activation, Oncotarget, vol.8 no.58 pp.98148-98162, 2017
2016 Yuli C. Chang、Chien-Chih Chiu、Chung-Yee Yuo、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、Jan-Gowth Chang(Jan-Gowth Chang)*, An XIST-related small RNA regulates KRAS G-quadruplex formation beyond X-inactivation, Oncotarget, vol.7 no.52 pp.86713-86729, 2016
2014 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、張建國(Jan-Gowth Chang)*, Pseudogene-Derived Endogenous siRNAs and Their Function, Methods in Molecular Biology, vol.1167, 2014
2014 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、黃憲達(Hsien-Da Huang)、張建國(Jan-Gowth Chang), lncRNAMap: A map of putative regulatory functions in the long non-coding transcriptome, COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY, 2014
2014 CHUN-CHI CHANG、YA-SIAN CHANG、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、KUN-TU YEH、REN-JENG WEI、JAN-GOWTH CHANG, Detection of SF3B3 Gene Mutations in Oral Cancer by High Resolution Melting Analysis, Clinical Laboratory, vol.60 pp.2023-2029, 2014
2013 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、游仲逸(You CY)、楊文光(Yang WK)、洪詩雅(Hung SY)、張雅琁(Chang YS)、邱建志(Chiu CC)、葉坤土(Yeh KT)、黃憲達(Huang HD)、張建國(Chang JG)*, Transcribed pseudogene PPM1K generates endogenous siRNA to suppress oncogenic cell growth in hepatocellular carcinoma., NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, vol.41 no.6 pp.3734-3747, 2013
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2011 許勝達(Hsu SD)、林豐茂(Lin FM)、Wu MY、Liang C、Huang WC、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、Tsai WT、Chen GZ、Lee CJ,、Chien CH、Wu MC、Huang CY、Tsou AP, miRTarBase: a database curates experimentally validated microRNA-target interactions., NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, vol.29 pp.D163-169, 2011
2011 張建國(Jan-Gowth Chang)、楊登美(Yang DM)、張文馨(Chang WH)、周綠蘋(Chow LP)、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、Lin HH、Huang HD、張雅琁(Chang YS)、Hung CH、楊文光(Yang WK), Small Molecule Amiloride modulates oncogenic RNA alternative splicing to devitalize human cancer cells., PLoS One, vol.6 no.6 pp.e18643-, 2011
2006 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、張建國(Jan-Gowth Chang)、陳永福(Chen YF)、詹永寬(Chan YK)、朱延平(Chu YP)*, Identification of mouse mslp2 gene from EST databases by repeated searching, comparison, and assembling., COMPUTERS IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE, vol.36 no.1 pp.101-108, 2006
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2003 張建國(Jan-Gowth Chang)*、Liu HC、施木青(Shih MC)、劉素卿(Liu SC)、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、蔡輔仁(Tsai FJ), Unstable Hb Perth in a Taiwanese subject: a T-->C substitution at codon 32 of the beta-globin gene creates an MspI site., HEMOGLOBIN, vol.26 no.1 pp.91-94, 2003
2003 張建國(Jan-Gowth Chang)*、施木青(Shih MC)、劉素卿(Liu SC)、陳志玫(Chen CM)、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、彭慶添(Peng CT), Hb G-Chinese: a G-->C substitution at codon 30 of the alpha2-globin gene creates a PstI cutting site., HEMOGLOBIN, vol.26 no.1 pp.95-97, 2003
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Date of Publication Paper Title
2023.08 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan), 學習風格對專題導向學習成效之探討—以APP程式設計為例 , 111學年度教學實踐研究計畫成果交流會 - 工程學門及[專案]技術實作, Aug. 2023, 台灣高雄市
2023.07 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan), 學習風格對專題導向學習成效之探討—以APP程式設計為例 , 2023中亞聯大教學實踐研究與創新研討會, Jul. 2023, 台灣台中市
2022.07 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan), 跨域學習成效之研究—以APP程式設計為例 , 2022中亞聯大教學實踐研究與創新研討會, Jul. 2022, 台灣台中市
2020.07 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan), 是美麗與沒力?是體力還是敘事力? , 議題導向跨領域敘事力培育計畫團隊成果聯展, Jul. 2020, 實踐大學(臺北校區)圖資大樓B1-B2.
2020.06 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan), 專題導向學習及業師協同教學融入網頁系統開發課程教學成效之探討 , 2020中亞聯大-教學實踐研究與創新研討會, Jun. 2020, 線上研討會(採用MS Teams 軟體進行)
2019.11 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan), 專題導向學習及業師協同教學融入網頁系統開發課程教學成效之探討 , 2019中區議題論壇, Nov. 2019, 台灣/靜宜大學文興?會議廳
2019.07 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、徐珮甄、黃熙淵、張建國、蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI), A pan, cancer analysis of gene expressions, mutations and methylations in telomere related genes - 2019 Asia Pacific Conference on Medical and Health Science, Jul. 2019, Korea
2018.11 王瑋馥、簡少平、黃熙淵、張建國、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、林彩秀, Restriction enzyme identification system. , 社團法人台灣醫事檢驗學會107年度會員(代表)大會暨學術發表會, Nov. 2018, 台大醫院國際會議中心
2018.11 江宸瑋、張壬綜、王瑋馥、李靜宜、黃熙淵、張建國、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、張麗禎, Non, Invasive Prenatal Screening. - 社團法人台灣醫事檢驗學會107年度會員(代表)大會暨學術發表會, Nov. 2018, 台大醫院國際會議中心
2018.11 徐珮甄、甘如瑩、黃熙淵、張傑閔、王瑋馥、張建國、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、張麗禎, Automatic sequence similarity searching system to reduce false, positive variants in clinical use of next-generation sequencing. - 社團法人台灣醫事檢驗學會107年度會員(代表)大會暨學術發表會, Nov. 2018, 台大醫院國際會議中心
2017.11 張逸勝、張雅琁、張建國、黃熙淵、蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI), The integrated RNA, seq automated analysis platform is used in oral cancer research - The Thirteenth Chinese Laboratory Medicine Conference, Nov. 2017, 香港/香港城市大學
2017.11 林宜蓁、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、黃熙淵、張建國、楊晶安、蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI), Establishment and Clinical Application of Immune repertoire Automation Analysis Platform , The Thirteenth Chinese Laboratory Medicine Conference, Nov. 2017, 香港/香港城市大學
2017.11 簡敏慈、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、楊晶安、黃熙淵、張建國、張傑閔、蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI), Clinical application of macrophage phase analysis and report integration system for intestinal , The Thirteenth Chinese Laboratory Medicine Conference, Nov. 2017, 香港/香港城市大學
2017.11 林佳緯、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、黃熙淵、葛應欽、張建國, Analysis of Gene Expression in Oral Cancer , The Thirteenth Chinese Laboratory Medicine Conference, Nov. 2017, 香港/香港城市大學
2017.11 姚冠德、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、黃熙淵、張建國、林建佑、蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI), Establishment of a clinically available genome analysis and report generation system , an example of exonic sequencing - The Thirteenth Chinese Laboratory Medicine Conference, Nov. 2017, 香港/香港城市大學
2017.11 陳彥名、黃熙淵、張建國、林彩秀、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan), The use of word exploration techniques to explore the type and function of drug metabolism genes for its clinical application , The Thirteenth Chinese Laboratory Medicine Conference, Nov. 2017, 香港/香港城市大學
2016.10 王經篤(Jing-Doo Wang)、張建國(Jan-Gowth Chang)、蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI), Mining Distinctive DNA Patterns from the Upstream of Human Coding&Non, Coding Genes via Class Frequency Distribution - IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (CIBCB 2016), Oct. 2016, Chiang Mai, Tailand
2016.10 江秉蓉、吳宛燁、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan), piRNAtarget: the integrated database for mining functionality of piRNA and its targets , IEEE 16th International Conference on BioInformatics and BioEngineering (IEEE BIBE 2016), Oct. 2016, Taiwan/Taichung
2016.10 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、王經篤(Jing-Doo Wang)、張建國(Chang Jan-Gowth)、蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI), Genome, wide Functional Identification of Maximal Consensus Patterns Derived from Multiple Species piRNAs - IEEE 16th International Conference on BioInformatics and BioEngineering (IEEE BIBE 2016), Oct. 2016, Taiwan/Taichung
2014.01 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、黃憲達、張建國, lncRNAMap: a map of putative regulatory functions in the long non, coding transcriptome - 12th Asia-Pacific Bioinformatics Conference (APBC 2014), Jan. 2014, Shanghai China
2012.12 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan), Transcribed pseudogene PPM1K generates endogenous siRNA to suppress oncogenic cell growth in hepatocellular carcinoma. , The Asian Young Researcher Conference on Computational and Omics Biology (AYRCOB) 2012 International Conference., Dec. 2012, Shenzhen China
Project Title Participator Period
學習風格對專題導向學習成效之探討--以APP程式設計為例 (PEE1110327) 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan) 2022.08 ~ 2023.07
晝夜節律基因在癌症基因體之探討 (ASIA-110-CMUH-21) 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、張建國 2021.11 ~ 2022.10
跨學習成效之研究--以APP程式設計為例 (PEE1090556) 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan) 2020.08 ~ 2021.07
利用次世代定序技術偵測血漿中B型肝炎病毒Pre-S基因突變並預測切除手術後肝癌復發之平台 (CMU109-ASIA-09) 鄧喬方教授、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan) 2020.08 ~ 2021.07
109學年度大學校院產學合作培育博士級研發人才計畫-醫材科技產業菁英博士學位學程(2/5) (10948042) 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan) 2020.08 ~ 2024.07
強腎鏈始創計畫:以多中心隨機臨床試驗驗證結合醫療大數據、人工智能、與區塊鏈技術所架構之臨床腎病照護平台-強腎鏈始創計畫:以多中心隨機臨床試驗驗證結合醫療大數據、人工智能、與區塊鏈技術所架構之臨床腎病照護平台 (MOST 109-2321-B-468-001 ) 蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI)、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、胡若梅(Rouh-Mei Hu)、陳玉菁(YU-CHING CHEN)、王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)、蔡志仁(Zhi-Ren Tsai)、薛榮銀、蔡淵裕(Yuan-Yu Tsai)、張建國、姜秀穎、郭錦輯 2020.07 ~ 2024.06
利用生醫大數據探討端粒及端粒?在癌症之機制 ( ASIA-108-CMUH-08 ) 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、余志強(ER TZE KIONG)、張建國教授 2019.11 ~ 2020.10
專題導向學習及業師協同教學融入網頁系統開發課程教學成效之探討 (PEE1080217) 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan) 2019.07 ~ 2020.06
智慧漁場管理之科技導入計畫-以台南北門區為例 (智慧漁場管理之科技導入計畫) 王昭能(Charles C.N. Wang)、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan) 2019.04 ~ 2020.03
霧峰之城-探索綠活村 (探索綠活村) 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、吳姿誼(TZU-YI WU) 2019.04 ~ 2020.03
罕見疾病之基因調控並建構整合式資料庫及其分析平台 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、黃建文(Chien Wen, Huang) 2019.04 ~ 2020.03
國道六號的美麗與哀愁-人文X自然X科技的思辨之旅 (xxxx) 黃淑貞(Shu-chen Huang)、張筱筠(Hsiao-Chuan Chang)、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、葉榮輝(RONG-HWEI YEH) 2019.03 ~ 2020.07
運用生醫大數據探討 Y 染色體中特有大型非編碼核醣核酸在癌症的機制 (ASIA-107-CMUH-17 ) 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、張建國、余志強(ER TZE KIONG) 2018.10 ~ 2019.09
去甲氧薑黃素抑制人類鼻咽癌細胞侵襲的分子機制 林孟亮教授、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan) 2018.08 ~ 2019.07
全基因組識別piRNA及其臨床意義 (107-2221-E-468 -016 -) 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、張建國(Jan-Gowth Chang) 2018.08 ~ 2019.07
芹菜素誘導人類鼻咽癌細胞週期停滯的分子機制 (CUM108-ASIA-21) 林孟亮、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、張建國 2018.08 ~ 2019.07
下一站幸福-弱勢兒童夢想起飛計畫 (C-2 下一站幸福-弱勢兒童夢想起飛計畫) 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、黃淑貞(Shu-chen Huang)、葉榮輝(RONG-HWEI YEH) 2018.05 ~ 2018.11
用生醫大數據探討人工合成致死基因對癌症醫療之研究 (ASIA-106-CMUH-15) 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、張建國、余志強 2017.09 ~ 2018.08
粉蝨傳播之Crinivirus屬瓜類褪綠黃化病毒感染機制與防治策略之研究 (MOST106-2313-B-468 -001) 陳宗祺(Tsung-Chi Chen)、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、葉錫東 2017.08 ~ 2018.07
扎根高中職資訊科學教育計畫 (20170808232735) 陳永欽(YEONG-CHIN CHEN) 2017.08 ~ 2018.07
探討人類piRNA在癌症基因組之可能調控機制 (MOST106-2221-E-468-018) 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan) 2017.08 ~ 2018.10
痛風罹病之大數據分析:從全基因體探勘到臨床應用 (MOST105-2634-F-390-001) 章順仁、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、廖偉廷、陳忠仁 2016.11 ~ 2017.10
探討人類 piRNA 在癌症之可能調控機制 (ASIA-105-CMUH-15) 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan) 2016.10 ~ 2017.09
以生醫大數據分析為基礎的精準癌症醫療研究 (MOST107-2632-E-468-003) 蔡進發(JEFFREY J. P. TSAI)、胡若梅(Rouh-Mei Hu)、吳家樂(Ng, Ka-Lok)、王經篤(Jing-Doo Wang)、朱學亭(Hsueh-Ting Chu)、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、陳玉菁(YU-CHING CHEN) 2016.08 ~ 2019.07
鳳梨發酵飲品中微生物體 之 DNA序列分析及其功能探討 (104-asia-08) 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan) 2016.03 ~ 2017.02
探討人類非編碼核醣核酸在癌症之遺傳標誌及其可能的功能 (ASIA104-CMUH-22) 詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan) 2015.09 ~ 2016.08
藉由探索減緩記憶力衰退的機制研發治療阿茲海默症的藥物 (MOST 104-2320-B-039-009) 林維勇、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、洪詩雅、陳朝榮 2015.08 ~ 2016.07
探討Y染色體中特有大型非編碼核糖核酸在癌症中角色 (MOST103-2320-B-039-045) 洪詩雅、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、張建國 2014.08 ~ 2015.07
以動物模式探討中草藥改善記憶退化之效果及分子機轉 (MOST103-2320-B-039-016) 林維勇、詹雯玲(Wen-Ling Chan)、洪詩雅、陳朝榮 2014.08 ~ 2015.07
Year Research Title Authors
108 EYA4基因與肺癌預後之關係 黃科菘
108 探討衰老基因 SIRT1、MAP2K1、NSMCE2、TBX2、NOX4對於肝癌預後之關係 陳俊佑
108 探討衰老基因CDKN2A、CDKN2B對於肺腺癌預後之關係 高詩凱
108 細胞凋亡基因BIRC6及ST18與肝癌之預後關係 杜偉詮
108 國中生使用Youtube行為之相關研究 蘇盈滿
108 消防人員夜間執行救護對隔日血壓變化之研究-以臺中市政府消防局大誠分隊為例 潘博偉
108 影響消防特搜人員過勞因素之研究 呂博安
108 救護勤務輪班方式及救護案件數量對到院前緊急救護品質的影響 張文誌
106 探討人類 piRNA 在癌症基因組之可能調控機制 葉美君
105 南投縣國民小學學童健康體位現況分析 王萱霓
105 國中生性知識、性態度與性行為之相關研究-以南投縣某國中為例 陳樺葦
105 南投縣國民小學健康促進學校認知程度與執行情形之研究 周惠賢
102 國小高年級學生對H1N1新流感的認知及預防行為以屏東縣佳佐國小高年級學生為例 潘育佳